Thoughts for these Troubled Times

It depends upon the attitude toward life whether selfishness shall rule or the humanitarian spirit which characterizes the finer side of [people] will rule.

Who Got to See the Demonstrations of Jesus?

Who Got to See the Demonstrations of Jesus?

How to Attract More Love and Become More Lovable

Everyone desires more love and well being in their life. This affirmation helped me get more of those good things. Maybe it will help you, too,

Nana’s Prayers for Sydney…and the Rest of Us

This is the prayer to connect with your mighty spirit which is {G}od in, through, and all about you.

Nana’s Prayers for Sydney…and Everyone Else

(G)od has never put a limit on you or anyone else.

Stone Magic, Myth and Mystery…Continuing Series…

There are three kingdoms, as we know them—the Animal kingdom, the Plant kingdom and the Mineral kingdom; each has its own living power in existence.

Chum Yum in Today’s World

Do you feel lie your life is a success? If so, why? If not, why not? What do you think your doing rightly or wrongly that has brought you to your particular conclusion(s)?