Breathe Easy Herbal Tea Passes the Test

The Breathe Easy Herbal Tea open-pilot study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Yvonne
Hipps and Dr. Yolanda Hacker of the Morehouse School of Medicine. Results from the study
suggested that drinking four cups of Breathe Easy herbal tea daily was associated with improved
sinus health status, especially in the ability to breathe more freely while falling asleep.

How to Use Herb Lemongrass in Cooking

How to bruise a stalk of lemongrass: Take a stalk of Lemongrass and remove the tip of the root end with a sharp knife, cut a piece two inches up from the cut end giving yourself a two inch long section, peel off the dried outer layer from the section and crush that lightly with a mortar and pestle to release the oils.

Anti Microbial Koseret Tastes Good, too!

African American food seasoning covers a wide expanse of culinary ground. There is a new spice growing in urbane circles that is inexpensive and available in the USA now.

Make Soothing Lemongrass Tea

Learn how to make lemongrass tea to aid digestion, ease menstrual cramps, reduce stress and promote a calm night’s sleep. Learn how here.

Food Stretching Strategies During Economic Depression

Use your grandmother’s cookbook from the period of the 1930’s, and use the recipes she did. The food and good memories will hopefully make you feel better.