How to Enjoy Your Ideal Ayurvedic Diet

Each meal aims to cover all six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and bitter. Foods that are restricted are: heavily processed foods, excess sugar and caffeine and large amounts of animal protein.

Cathleen V. Carr: My Life’s Culinary Journey…

Cathleen V. Carr’s culinary life’s journey…a brief cooking auto biography.

How to Plan a Green Wedding

Chic and savvy eco-conscious couples are donating leftover reception food to homeless or battered womens shelters They are planting trees in honor of the occasion or their new family or cherished guests in lieu of giving favors, and asking that contributions be made in their name or in honor of the event to the charity of their choice.

How to Have a Green Wedding: Part 2

Why go green for your special day? In the United States our traditional weddings generate up to 200 tons of CO2 per event. The average wedding in the United States will generate about 110 tens of CO2 per while the rest of the world that averages 22 tons per year.

Introduction to How to Use of Crystals for Healing

A brief introduction to using crystals and gemstones to assist in healing to facilitate and spiritual growth.

What is Mise En Place

Even professional chefs take the time to put mise en place before starting the cooking process.

The Care and Cleansing of Therapeutic Gemstones

Avoid smoking and wearing synthetic perfume when wearing therapeutic gemstones, especially porous stones. The fumes can interfere with the free flow of a gemstone’s energy.