How to Plan a Green Wedding

Chic and savvy eco-conscious couples are donating leftover reception food to homeless or battered womens shelters They are planting trees in honor of the occasion or their new family or cherished guests in lieu of giving favors, and asking that contributions be made in their name or in honor of the event to the charity of their choice.

Gardening Helps Children Grow (and Gets Them Outdoors)

Remember that the pure fun of digging in the dirt is the real key to instilling an interest in gardening in children. Spending constructive time outdoors with your children can be a mixed blessing of fun and learning for life. Plus, couldn’t you use a little happy help with your gardening chores anyway?

Gardening Helps Children Learn How to Nurture

Nurturing a plant helps children learn to nurture themselves while teaching responsibility through plant care and building self-esteem through accomplishment.

Parents Should Encourage their Kids to do the Following

A holistic pediatrician’s take on statins “A must read for all pediatricians and the families they serve.”– Dr. Henry Berstein, associate professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School. If, like the New York Times editorial board, you’re “appalled” that the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks that some children as young as 8 should be given drugs […]