Five Point National Green Health Policy Plan

What do you think your medical rights should be? Here is a proposal providing good food for thought.

Americans Need a Greener Health Policy

We believe that any effective health system must be underpinned by responsible research into conventional medicine as well as integrative and complementary alternative health treatment modalities.

Green Health Policy, If Not Now, When?

According to the British Institute of Complementary Medicine, the following comprise “Complementary Medicine” and would be considered legitimate health techniques by Greens.

A Quiet but Growing Revolution in the Healing Arts

To discover why success with gems for healing was elusive for so long, one place to look is to the gems themselves. Essential to the success of any form of medicine is the nature of its therapeutic tools. To be most effective and reliable, medicine must be pure and high in quality.

Time to Unite for a Greener Health Policy

We Greens are leading the fight for the rich, poor, sick, elderly, and those who simply wish to achieve or maintain wellness by endorsing alternative treatments in some instances which are much less painful and expensive, and in some instances less harmful or deadly, than might otherwise be the case.

Chum Yum in Today’s World

Do you feel lie your life is a success? If so, why? If not, why not? What do you think your doing rightly or wrongly that has brought you to your particular conclusion(s)?

Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Links

Find good information and worthwhile resources through this link directory compliments of the and