Thoughts for these Troubled Times

It depends upon the attitude toward life whether selfishness shall rule or the humanitarian spirit which characterizes the finer side of [people] will rule.

INTS: Simplifying the Journey to Enlightenment

The International New Thought Seminary is coming out with a spiritual growth program this spring (2009) that promises to connect us with ‘the Divine’ simply, easily and straightforwardly. The project is still hush-hush…but I will try to keep you posted of developments.

Alternative Healthcare is Finally Mainstream

Despite the selfishness and (sometimes) reasonable fears of established western alopathic medicine and their vanguard most Americans now are open, to and increasingly demand, at least information and referrals regarding alternative, non-evasive health care treatments. This is especially true when non-emergency circumstances are involved. I am always relieved when the divine arc of justice puts […]