Traveling the various paths to Enlightenment

In this state of beingness, Enlightened persons go about their days bringing or expressing greater love and creativity in whatever they are involved. Everything is done under Universal Influence, and even when one stumbles or appears to fail, one is being guided to a higher plateau of consciousness.

Published Works by Cathleen V Carr

Published author Cathleen Carr currently writes regularly for various natural health and green living channels:

Spiritual Ayurveda

Veda explains the soul, or the atma as the life giving force.

Books by Cathleen Carr

Cathleen Carr’s favorite topics to write about include: Green Living, Health and Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Metaphysics, Caring for Parents, Seniors and Grandparents. Cathleen Carr has published numerous books and articles on various subjects over the years.

How to Make Shirred Eggs Recipe

Shirred egg is an easy dish to prepare and serve to an odd (as in uneven) number of guests.

Who Got to See the Demonstrations of Jesus?

Who Got to See the Demonstrations of Jesus?

How to Attract More Love and Become More Lovable

Everyone desires more love and well being in their life. This affirmation helped me get more of those good things. Maybe it will help you, too,

Nana’s Prayers for Sydney…and Everyone Else

(G)od has never put a limit on you or anyone else.