How often do you think about death?

In order to live a well balanced life – the holistic ideal- it is important to think about death so that we may live more fully.

Natural Make Up Best Organic Cosmetics

Lauren Hutton has taken her past experience and knowledge of makeup to make her own brand of makeup. With Lauren Hutton, treat your skin to healthy beauty without breaking the bank.

Health Products Update

In 2007 Cellfood was the No. 1 selling oxygen and nutrient formula.

Introduction to How to Use of Crystals for Healing

A brief introduction to using crystals and gemstones to assist in healing to facilitate and spiritual growth.

Gardening Helps Children Grow (and Gets Them Outdoors)

Remember that the pure fun of digging in the dirt is the real key to instilling an interest in gardening in children. Spending constructive time outdoors with your children can be a mixed blessing of fun and learning for life. Plus, couldn’t you use a little happy help with your gardening chores anyway?

Natural Mosquito Repellant Options

Are you worried about the ecology of your body and yard in your effort to combat these stinging summer spoilers? Light wearing and cooling to the skin blends of certain essential oils from plants repel biting flying insects.

Gardening Helps Children Learn How to Nurture

Nurturing a plant helps children learn to nurture themselves while teaching responsibility through plant care and building self-esteem through accomplishment.

My Attempt to Convert my non-Recycler Friend/Neighbor

It is as if you have provided a mini documentary on this important and timely subject.
Well done! And, congratulations on her conversion!!

Published Works by Cathleen V Carr

Published author Cathleen Carr currently writes regularly for various natural health and green living channels:

Books by Cathleen Carr

Cathleen Carr’s favorite topics to write about include: Green Living, Health and Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Metaphysics, Caring for Parents, Seniors and Grandparents. Cathleen Carr has published numerous books and articles on various subjects over the years.