In looking for ways to give a fuller shape to my sense of a sentient and living universe, I have often used the word “wholeness”. I like that word because a whole shapes a relationship between all its parts bringing them to a fullness and new expression. But even that connectedness can grow stiff when it […]

How To Celebrate A Senior Dad On Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, tell your dad you love him and show your love … not with material things, but with your time and assistance.

How to Experience Vacation Weightloss

You do not need to be on a luxury cruise to eat healthier foods on vacation.

How to Lose 5 Pounds on a Cruise

I challenge you to take a cruise and lose 5 pounds while you are having a good time!

Natural Make Up Best Organic Cosmetics

Lauren Hutton has taken her past experience and knowledge of makeup to make her own brand of makeup. With Lauren Hutton, treat your skin to healthy beauty without breaking the bank.

Cathleen V. Carr: My Life’s Culinary Journey…

Cathleen V. Carr’s culinary life’s journey…a brief cooking auto biography.

Cathleen V Carr Professional Career Summary

American Image Institute Cathleen Carr Patrolineal affiliation American Law Institute Cathleen V. Carr Patrolineal affiliation, remarkable volunteer record for public service.

My Attempt to Convert my non-Recycler Friend/Neighbor

It is as if you have provided a mini documentary on this important and timely subject.
Well done! And, congratulations on her conversion!!