In looking for ways to give a fuller shape to my sense of a sentient and living universe, I have often used the word “wholeness”. I like that word because a whole shapes a relationship between all its parts bringing them to a fullness and new expression. But even that connectedness can grow stiff when it […]

How To Use Calcite to Amplify Personal Energy

Calcite is used for clearing and cleaning energy radiating from and/or surrounding the human body. A diagnostic feature of calcite is that it effervesces (bubbles) vigorously in dilute hydrochloric acid. Calcite crystals are commonly found lining open cavities in rock.

Therapeutic Healing Energy in Gemstone Physical Form

Today the energetic properties of gems are also being used to improve people’s health at a fundamental level.

Anyone Can Use Therapeutic Gems to Enhance Health

I have been a rock lover ever since I can remember. One of the first gifts I recall receiving was a collection of natural rocks that my parents purchased for my sixth birthday from the natural history museum in the town we lived in. In the early 80’s I began a serious exploration of the […]

Gemstone ‘Radience’

Find an interesting cache of vibrational medicine articles at radientlife.wordpress.com. This article is about the use of Ruby, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst gemstones for healing.