The Tonko Bill for Wind Energy

The bill is Rep. Paul Tonko’s first piece of legislation as a congressman. The bill authorizes a comprehensive program to improve the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of domestic wind energy systems.


Published Works by Cathleen V Carr

Published author Cathleen Carr currently writes regularly for various natural health and green living channels:

Anyone Can Use Therapeutic Gems to Enhance Health

I have been a rock lover ever since I can remember. One of the first gifts I recall receiving was a collection of natural rocks that my parents purchased for my sixth birthday from the natural history museum in the town we lived in. In the early 80’s I began a serious exploration of the […]

Alternative Healthcare is Finally Mainstream

Despite the selfishness and (sometimes) reasonable fears of established western alopathic medicine and their vanguard most Americans now are open, to and increasingly demand, at least information and referrals regarding alternative, non-evasive health care treatments. This is especially true when non-emergency circumstances are involved. I am always relieved when the divine arc of justice puts […]