Cathleen V Carr Professional Career Summary

American Image Institute Cathleen Carr Patrolineal affiliation American Law Institute Cathleen V. Carr Patrolineal affiliation, remarkable volunteer record for public service.

Harkin Waxes Wise on Health Care Reform

Comprehensive health reform legislation is our opportunity to change the paradigm. We are going to extend health insurance to every American and we are going to give our citizens access to a 21st century health care system – one that is focused on helping us to live healthy, active, happy lives.

Native Americans Preparing for Healthier Health Services

The object of the program is to teach members to embrace lifestyle changes that will help them reasonably lose weight, exercise more and eat healthier.

Published Works by Cathleen V Carr

Published author Cathleen Carr currently writes regularly for various natural health and green living channels:

Recovery Ten Point Plan

Short Ten Point Plan to Guide Us Down the Road to Recovery, Reorganization, Peace and Prosperity…Please share this post with everyone you can. 1) Replace the giant corporations with small and medium sized business and non-profit organizations. 2) Break up the banking system and bring back local savings and loans. 3) Reject the lie that […]