Traveling the various paths to Enlightenment

Dr. Paul Masters wrote another important piece today in his IMM messages…
Wanted to share in case you did not see.

People traveling the various paths to Enlightenment feel that if they can achieve it, then they have achieved the Ultimate human experience. Enlightenment, in its truest description, goes beyond intellectual comprehension of the experience. It is not about seeking God, speculating, or theologically theorizing about God or Ultimate Beingness. Enlightenment means the firsthand, intimate, mystical experience of God Presence or Oneness with the Universe. It is beingness with Ultimate Beingness itself–in consciousness at its innermost center yet also to its outer reaches universally.

If all that is being stated is accurate, it would indeed seem that experiencing Enlightenment would be the end of a journey through countless lifetimes for the soul, the individualized expression of Ultimate Beingness, Consciousness, Spirit or God. What else is there? If, in the next moment, one would suddenly experience Enlightenment, would life come to an abrupt halt? Would one’s soul be swallowed up by an infinite field of light, with one’s physical body vanishing as a result?

The history of Enlightened people reads otherwise. Physical life continues on the outside, and, to family, friends, and work associates, such persons outwardly look much the same: They don’t have visible auras around their heads. Outwardly, life seems to go on as it was–at least in the time right after the experience. They may speak of it to a few they feel would not think them mentally unbalanced. But, for the most part, they remain silent, knowing that few would believe, and, as such, it would be better left unsaid. The exception would be those very few souls whose life purpose would be to teach that such an experience of a Higher Ultimate Reality is possible.

So, what happens after Enlightenment for the others? In short, they become living energy expressions of the Experience. What this means is that their lives are under the influence of a Will higher than their personal wills–that consciously or unconsciously, each will feel that, as the Mind of Christ that was in Jesus expressed it, “I am about my Father’s business.” In this state of beingness, Enlightened persons go about their days bringing or expressing greater love and creativity in whatever they are involved. Everything is done under Universal Influence, and even when one stumbles or appears to fail, one is being guided to a higher plateau of consciousness.

Each will do things better in life because of being so guided, although, again, this may not be evident in the worldly definition of success. Fame, fortune, notoriety, and worldly power are not sought after, for, with Enlightenment such goals are seen as what they are: grand illusions of the personal ego and its constricted view of what life is.

Again, after Enlightenment, a person’s life outwardly may seem little different to others: Family life will go on, sexuality will go on, sickness and health will go on, failure and success will go on. But inwardly, the personal ego is no longer in charge, for the person is marching to a different drummer, the drumbeat being orchestrated by the Ultimate Universal Life Presence–or God to guide the soul’s path and this life.

Yes–there is life after Enlightenment. A very wonderful life; for, each will, in a short time after the experience or at some point in the person’s lifetime, become fully conscious and aware that his or her life is being fully Guided by Ultimate Beingness or God. The Awareness of this Intimacy of Consciousness with the Supreme is the great gift to one’s mind, peace to one’s soul, and love’s Ultimate Presence for one’s Spiritual Heart of Hearts.

Dr. Masters

Compliments of  Cindy Paulos


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