About organic dried blood

I’ve been using Organic Dried Blood  since my mother introduced me to it in the 60’s.


Dried blood is an organic product packed with nutrients to keep your vegetables and flowers healthy and green.  There is another great use for this, to keep your plants safe from hungry pests.

Blood meal is a dry non-reactive powder derived from blood. Blood meal is one of the highest sources of nitrogen not derived from chemicals. So where does the blood come from for blood meal? Commercially available dried blood is ‘harvested’ from slaughter houses, then pasteurized by running it through evaporative / vacuum boilers,  dried in tumbling ovens, then hammer-milled into powder.

Sprinkle dried blood around your plants to deter rabbits and other small animals from eating them.  Remember though to reapply after a good rain washes it away.

Organic Dried Blood can be bought in a variety of different sizes to suit your individual needs.  It can be bought online at most garden websites or amazon as well as most retail garden centers.


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