Vitamin D and Disease: What the Current Research Shows

Can high doses of vitamin D prevent, treat or delay a wide variety of conditions and diseases affecting virtually every part of the body? This question gets to the heart of the vitamin D debate.

On one side of the debate are researchers who for years have been advocating higher intakes and blood levels of vitamin D and who feel that the latest IOM recommendations fell short. On the other side are those who fear that the vitamin D bandwagon has gotten far ahead of the research and who worry that it may crash, as did the bandwagons for antioxidant supplements when long-awaited clinical trials failed to find benefit and sometimes even suggested harm.

In this key chapter, the The Benefits of Vitamin D: Bone Health & Beyond Report provides an in-depth look at current research and scientific evidence on vitamin D. The editors sift through hundreds of studies and articles in leading scientific journals to bring you cutting-edge insights on the relationship between vitamin D and many of the diseases that affect older adults. We encourage you to read this section carefully and share this is valuable information with friends and family affected by these conditions:



Breast cancer

Heart disease

Colorectal cancer


Prostate cancer

Immune function

Skin cancer

Multiple sclerosis



Cognitive function and dementia

Osteoporosis and fractures



Dental health

Parkinson’s disease




Drawing on analysis and guidance from the landmark Institute of Medicine report, as well as leading vitamin D researchers and health organizations — the Endocrine Society, the Canadian Cancer Society, the National Osteoporosis Society and others — The Benefits of Vitamin D: Bone Health & Beyond consolidates the research, providing page after page of provocative argument and debate.

Source: Berkely Wellness



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