The Factors That Affect Your Vitamin D Metabolism

A review:

The biochemistry of vitamin D is complex — even the terminology can be mind numbing. That’s why Dr. Swartzberg begins The Benefits of Vitamin D with a concise look at vitamin D basics — its role in bone health, regulation of cell growth, immune function and reduction of inflammation.

In easy-to-understand layman’s language, the Report explores key issues, including: the impact of skin color, age, season and time of day in your skin’s production of vitamin D… how your genetic makeup influences blood levels of vitamin D… calciferol, ergocalciferol and other terms related to vitamin D. You’ll learn about:

Dietary sources of vitamin D, including new D-enhanced mushrooms

The benefits and dangers of high loading doses of vitamin D supplements

A comparison of vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 found in supplements

Should you be tested for your vitamin D blood level — and if you are, what’s the cut off for vitamin D deficiency

What you should know before you are tested — for example, how does seasonal variability affect results?

Symptoms and treatment of vitamin D deficiency

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and vitamin D — what new moms should know


Source: Berkely Wellness



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