Explore Vibroacoustic Therapy

by Avigail Berg-Panitz, MA

I invite you to explore and experience inner body massage of organs, tissues and cells, by treating yourself and/or your clients with Vibroacoustic therapy to reduce pain and stress and enhance life quality.

Vibroacoustic therapy – VAT is a therapy in which, low sound frequencies in the range of 30 Hz- 120 Hz, are transmitted into the whole body systems (nervous, skeleton muscular, blood) through transducers that are embedded in a furniture unit (bed, mattress, lounge, chair). The transducers convert the frequencies into vibrations and in fact, create inner body massage of organs, tissues, muscles and cells.

Olav Skille – (A therapist, education and musician from Norway), is one of the pioneers and innovator of applying the frequencies as a therapy for whole inner body massage – VAT. Over 30 years of applied research, collaboration with academic research and feedback from patients and therapists – have led him to find the correlation between certain frequencies and positive effect of reducing pain, stress and various illnesses symptoms.
The invitation:


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