Fall Planting for a Great Garden Next Spring

Divide or thin spring and summer blooming perennials, after they’ve finished blooming (those that are established three years or more) in October – November (Coreopsis, Salvia, Leucanthemum, etc.) Ornamental grasses are generally divided in the spring.

Plant Bulbs Now For Spring Color

When shoots start breaking through the soil in the spring, sprinkle a second application of fertilizer around them. As flowers fade, cut them off so they don’t go to seed and rob nourishment from the bulbs.

How often do you think about death?

In order to live a well balanced life – the holistic ideal- it is important to think about death so that we may live more fully.

Hallucinogenic Herbs: Healing with herbs, Part 9

In less developed countries hallucinogens are the favored medicines. This is because sickness and death are viewed as being a consequence of interference from the spirit world, rather than being induced physically or organically.