How To Make The Most Of A Visit To The Local Farmer’s Market

Everyone loves farmers markets.  Find out why they do and how to make the most of a visit to farmers market in your local area or wherever your travels take you.

Australian farmers market.

Farmers markets  allow local farmers to get their fresh produce into more markets in ways that are essential if family farms are to survive.  They are foundational green businesses and provide environmentally sound useful purposes.  Farmers markets encourage the preservation of  farmland and provide incentives for family farmers to produce higher quality, cleaner (more organic) food .

Considering that many younger people might not remember what non-processed foods taste like, farmers markets are a fun outlet to try new foods. Nutritionally, they bring healthy options to those who might need a change in their diet.  Most farmers will encourage you to taste and smell their produce before you buy it.  Since local farmers sell unusual and heirloom varieties of produce, as well as food that’s too fragile to ship, you’re likely to discover new fruits and vegetables to help support nutritional needs.

Aesthetically, farmers markets are often a feast for the senses.  Listen for the often lively bantering and bartering  going on around you.  Check out the social scene that develops in  fresh air.  Local public spaces and downtown neighborhoods can richly benefit from opportunities taken by those who live elsewhere to come to a different neighborhood to shop or just mingle.  Imagine the renewal possibilities!

Economically, farmers markets  are the least expensive way to generate new local and regional activity. In a word, they can create or revitalize community.  Farmers markets give can give us the chance to enjoy connecting with each other again.

Sustainable gardening is sensibly chic!


Shopping at the farmer’s market saves oil.

Shopping at the farmer’s market substantially reduces green house gasses do to reduced transportation distance.

Shopping at the farmer’s market keeps money in the local economy.

Shopping at the farmer’s market gives us all some say in how our local land is used.



Even the Federal government is starting to support small farmers.

  1. Take cash in small bills.
  2. Bring reusable bags.
  3. Bring a cooler to leave in your car if you plan a big shopping experience.
  4. Arrive early for the widest variety of selection.
  5. Show up late if you seek the biggest bargains.
  6. Practice your haggling skills.
  7. Sample before you buy.
  8. Take the kids-there’s less temptation for them to buy junk food, etc. at a farmer’s market.
  9. Take the older people in your life (or neighborhood) and seize the opportunity to connect and learn.
  10. Buy in bulk and freeze, pickle, jar, or otherwise preserve (or share) the portion you do not need immediately.
  11. Buy ‘pesticide free’, ‘no spray’ or other cleaner or organically grown  food.
  12. Compost your leftovers or unusable remainders.  This helps prevent pollution.

LA Farmer's Market

The Los Angeles Farmer's Market is a city treasure.


Farmer’s market Los Angeles

To find out how to help your local farmer’s market contact The Farmers Market Coalition.  the Farmer’s Market Coalition is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit, grassroots association created to ensure farmers markets benefit farmers, consumers, and communities.

To get to a list of Farmer’s Markets in the United States follow this link and click on the link of your choice.


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