Checklist for a Healthy Brain

Is Your Brain a Healthy Brain? Author:  Cathleen V. Carr

You can amp up the brain by engaging in appropriate sports, games, and recreational exercises that incorporate thinking and mental activity at any age.

To reach your pinnacle of peak cognitive function, optimize your health across three critical lifestyle areas:




healthy radiating brain

Is your brain radiating energy?

When at all possible walk.

Assisted or unassisted walking is the ideal aerobic exercise.

2 senior women walking

Walking is good for everyone of any age.

Brain benefits are realized when the heart gets pumping and cardiovascular fitness is attained.

Mental challenges and the process of learning  new things stimulate neural development, even as we age.  The brain is a “use it or lose it” organ. Mental exercise establishes new synapses and makes new connections in  he brain.  In order to learn, your brain must grow.  Mental exercise also reinforces old connections so they stay active, supporting knowledge retention and sharp memory.

seniors playing cards

Play solitaire or play with others!

Effective types of mental exercises include:


Crossword Puzzles

Learning a new language

Playing a musical instrument


Sudoku or other puzzles

Playing cards

Challenging board games

TIP: Dancing is a ‘twofer’ that engages the mind and body needs in beneficial way -and it’s fun!

seniors dancing

Get down and boogey!

Supplements make up for what we often do not get in our food.  They are also an easy and inexpensive way to get the nutrition our mind and body craves.  They can  help to super charge the brain! Nutritional supplements help protect the brain, serve as building blocks for creation of new brain cells, boost circulation to the brain, energize the brain, and stimulate neurotransmitter production.  Check with your nutritionist, physician, pharmacist or Naturopathic physician for a list of the best supplements for you.



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