Dementia Is A Growing Global Crisis

Global dementia forecast 2020

Did you know that memory can decline by as much as 50% between our late 30’s and our late 70’s?

Are you aware that dementia has been found responsible for 11.2% of years lived with disability in people aged 60 and older- even more than stroke(9.5%), musculoskeletal disease (8.9%) and all forms of cancer (2.4%)?

Dementia can effect your pet, too.

We are bombarded with mind numbing environmental elements and starved of critical nutrients resulting in foggy thinking and impaired memory at an increasing rate across the globe.  Of course, aging makes matters worse as neurons, neurotransmitters and blood flow to the brain all decrease over time.  But modern scientific research is proving that aerobic exercise, mental challenges, and neuro-nutrients can often help to stave off many forms of cognitive decline.

An independent medical journal, The Lancet, published a study in 2005 detailing facts regarding the progressive growth of dementia on a global scale.  The report indicates that;

  • 24.3 million people suffer from dementia today.
  • 4.6 million new cases of dementia occur every year, or one new case every 7 seconds.
  • On a global scale, the number of people affected by dementia will double every 20 years-to roughly 81.1 million people by 2040

Th significance of this global dementia epidemic cannot be over emphasized.  Dementia is progressive cognitive decline with symptoms like disorientation, personality change, inattentiveness, and poor reasoning ability.  Alzheimer’s Disease is an irreversible mental decline caused by the gradual malfunction, degredation, and ultimate deactivation of brain cells.

Though old age is the biggest factor contributing to dementia, other factors include the usual suspects contributing to internal toxicity such as:  atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, high homocysteine levels, smoking, excessive drinking,  high blood pressure and poor dietary choices, including fatty, sugary, and salty foods; lack of physical exercise, and passive mental states (usually brought about by too much TV.  Unfortunately, these are the risk factors which are also now escalating in developing countries.

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