How to Get Winter Blooms in Your Home

Many native colonies have been destroyed by harvesting for traditional medicine and also by plant collectors. The rhizomes are reportedly extremely toxic but are used medicinally for various purposes. From Africa, it was taken to England in 1854, where it was named by John Lindley to honor Lady Charlotte Clive, Dutchess of Northumberland.

About Sustainable Maufacturing

Programs exist that can help manufacturers learn and develop strategies to benefit from the rapidly growing sustainability marketplace. Find out much more at

How to Recycle All Types of Batteries

Older Batteries Should Always Be Recycled
Consumers should note that any old batteries they may find buried in their closets that were made before 1997—when Congress mandated a widespread mercury phase-out in batteries of all types—should most surely be recycled and not discarded with the trash, as they may contain as much as 10 times the mercury of newer versions.

New Yoga Style and Standards

The curriculum focuses on and explores several deeper processes of advanced yoga and other techniques and methodologies.

Lasik Surgery Update

Satisfaction with ones surgeon is key; it strongly predicts overall satisfaction with laser eye surgery, even more so than where the surgery is performed.

The Tonko Bill for Wind Energy

The bill is Rep. Paul Tonko’s first piece of legislation as a congressman. The bill authorizes a comprehensive program to improve the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of domestic wind energy systems.

New Test to Detect Ovarian Cancer

A blood test from Vermillion Inc. that helps ovarian cancer patients and their doctors decide what type of surgery should be performed — and by whom — was approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The news, coming during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, sent the stock of Fremont-based Vermillion (Pink Sheets: VRMLQ.PK) from 5 cents per share to $1.29 — a 2,587 percent increase.