Breathe Easy Herbal Tea Passes the Test


SEBASTOPOL, Calif.  – Traditional Medicinals, the leader in medicinal teas, has announced clinical trial results indicating improved sinus health status for its popular Breathe Easy Herbal Tea.

This clinical study expands on Traditional Medicinals’ range of clinically tested herbal teas, and underscores a company philosophy of investing in scientific research around its herbal products.

Breathe Easy Tea proven to work

Breathe Easy Tea proven to work

The Breathe Easy Herbal Tea open-pilot study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Yvonne Hipps and Dr. Yolanda Hacker of the Morehouse School of Medicine. Results from the study suggested that drinking four cups of Breathe Easy herbal tea daily was associated with improved sinus health status, especially in the ability to breathe more freely while falling asleep. Relief was also measured in conjunction with other associated sinus health symptoms, including headache/facial pain and nasal congestion.

The study was conducted with volunteers who had a clinical diagnosis of chronic rhinosinusitis (CSR). Full results from the study were published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (January 2009, Vol. 15, No. 1). This latest study is the fourth clinical study investigating the effects of a Traditional Medicinals herbal tea.

Founded in 1974, Traditional Medicinals offers laboratory and clinically tested herbal dietary supplement products (DSP), Natural Health Products (NHP), over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMP) for the global market. Other published clinically tested herbal teas include Organic Smooth Move®, Organic Throat Coat® and Organic Echinacea Plus®.

“The positive results of this open-pilot study suggest that Breathe Easy tea is a strong
complementary therapy for the management of CRS,” said Dr. Yvonne Hipps of Morehouse School
of Medicine, who spearheaded the study.
Dr. Hipps also noted that “It’s important that companies
like Traditional Medicinals® continue to fund clinical research to assess the efficacy and
applicability of herbal medicines.”

Hurray for herbal medicines.

Hurray for herbal medicines.

Traditional Medicinals uses pharmacopoeial grade herbs in all products (teas, capsules, pastilles
and syrups) – the highest grade of herbs available. Herbs are sourced worldwide from their native
habitats to obtain the highest quality combination of botanicals available.

Traditional Medicinals incorporates the ancient art of traditional formulating with the most modern scientific methods of quality control. Some of its best selling medicinal herb teas include Organic Smooth Move®, Organic Throat Coat® and Organic Mother’s Milk®. The company uses pharmacopoeial grade herbs and is committed to the scientific study of their products, including rigorous quality control testing, following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and sponsoring clinical research. Products can be found in health and natural food stores, nutritional shops, grocery supermarkets and drug stores throughout the United States and Canada as well as in the U.K. and the Netherlands.

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1 In the United States, “medicinal teas” are classified as herbal dietary supplement products but in Canada and in the EU they are classified as medicines.
2Hipps Y, Hacker Y, Hoffmann D, Brinckmann J, Socci R, Rogers D. Self-reported Quality of Life in CAM Treatment of
Chronic Rhinosinusitis among African Americans: A Preliminary, Open-label Pilot Study. Journal of Alternative and
Complementary Medicine. 2009; 15(1):67-77.


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