About ARRA Funds for Clean Energy

Find an easy to understand summary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as it applies to federal government requirements for clean energy spending by states.

Chipotle Sesame Oil Greens

Want something easy and nutritious to make once and eat all week? Check out radientlife.wordpress.com for easy recipe for vegan cooked mixed greens with as hot as you like it seasoning.

Breathe Easy Herbal Tea Passes the Test

The Breathe Easy Herbal Tea open-pilot study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Yvonne
Hipps and Dr. Yolanda Hacker of the Morehouse School of Medicine. Results from the study
suggested that drinking four cups of Breathe Easy herbal tea daily was associated with improved
sinus health status, especially in the ability to breathe more freely while falling asleep.