How to Experience Vacation Weightloss

You do not need to be on a luxury cruise to eat healthier foods on vacation.

How to lose weight on a road trip:

Driving all day can cut your body’s need for calories by as much as 500.  In order to not let those 500 calories a day add up be sure to give yourself off road breaks.  Get out of your vehicle and slowly stretch to enhance circulation of blood and lymph fluids.  Briskly walk around- better still- jog or run for a few minutes.  Doing so will help you stay alert plus keep your metabolism kicked up a notch.

Pack Light Eats

No matter how you choose to travel you can eat healthfully. Bring apples, grapes, nuts, whole grain crackers, reduced fat cheese sticks and easy to peel citrus like bananas, thick skinned oranges and clementines.

Drink Water

The importance of hydration should never be forgotten. Water at room temperature is best.  Water helps regulate body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen throughout your circulatory system, and removes waste. It also cushions joints and organs for those bumpy rides.

Try New Things!

Part of the adventure and reward of travel is lies in trying new things. Sample the local cuisine and culinary specialties.  Keep your eyes open for new lessons in healthy eating.  Bring home new memories and continental tidbits – not new pounds!


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