How to Lose 5 Pounds on a Cruise

How to Take Your Diet on a Cruise and lose 5 pounds!

Vacation is emerging as an opportune time to take a deep breath and focus on fitness. A cruise, with its buffets galore and bars on every level can become a health spa if you know how to navigate the offerings and take a moment to focus on what you are doing – rather than on gorging, er, I mean less mindful behavior.

I challenge you to take a cruise and lose 5 pounds while you are having a good time!

Here is the secret to losing 5 pounds while cruising:

Take advantage of the combination of exercise and calorie crunching that a cruise ship make so easy to do.

1)  Use the shipboard gym vigorously 2-3 Xs per day for 10 minutes each time or do it all at once- whichever suits you and your schedule best.

2)  Scout out hot shipmates by walking the decks, yes, all of them, one after another until you have been around each one at least twice and ideally four times, everyday.

3)  Place portions that equal half of the amount you really want on your plate. Take some of everything you want. Deny yourself no thing – except  seconds.  Repeat, NO SECOND HELPINGS, unless seconds are of raw green vegitables or fresh fruit.

4) Drink wine.  Beer makes ugly beer guts and love-handles that no one really loves.

5) There are wonderful and plentiful choices beautifully presented from which to choose, so choose wisely.  Take the low salt, low fat foods first to fill up on.

6) Alert the wait staff ahead of meal time that you would prefer lighter fare.  Most cruise lines offer menu options.

Compliments of Dr. C.C. for Natural Medicine Ink


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