Are You Overly Acidic? 10 Foods to Add or Deny

When our diet includes higher amounts of fat, sugar and animal protein our body becomes more acidic.  When the body becomes more acidic the cellular waste naturally produced will ferment, rot in and constipate the body. 

When waste does not get eliminated it causes pain in your tissues, muscles, joints, colon and major organs and sets the stage for illness and disease…and expensive visits to the massage therapist or your physician.

Green grasses are some of the most alkalizing foods on the planet.  We used to get adequate amounts of them in our diets from eating beef.  Now that most beef is fed grains rather than being allowed to free range on grasses we get too much grain and almost no grass in our diets.

Humans cannot properly digest grasses unless they have been broken down prior to our consumption.

This is where the cows can come in so handily…

Cows have multiple stomachs- each one breaking down the long grasses consumed by the cow into smaller more digestible components- and then the result is absorbed into the flesh- which we eat.

This is why you should  BUY GRASS FED BEEF.

The long grasses give the cow flesh flavor (which we no longer get) and nutrients (which we no longer get).

According to Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, cancer cells cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment with a balanced pH. The perfect pH level for a human is 7.36 to 7.41.  and by maintaining this level the trillion of cells in your body are free to absorb and use vitamins and other nutrients and excrete the waste.

(Now you know why you covered this in Chemistry 101 in High School)

If you want to dump acid from your body and replenish it with the most rejuvenating food on earth, then you need to eat foods which are alkaline forming and avoid those which are acid forming.

Your best guide to alkalizing your diet is to remember that meat, dairy and most grains are acid forming and most fruits and vegitables are alkaline (or baseline).

8 out of 10 foods you eat should be alkaline but you may want to eat fruits and vegitables  separately. Fruits and vegitables require different enzymes respectively to break down for absorption in the small intestine.  The simultaneous combination of these two can oftentimes result in an upset stomach or poorly digested alkaline rich foods!

  • Fruits don’t mix well with starches such as bread.
  • Raw foods or slightly cooked foods will maintain the alkaline integrity so important to vibrant health…and radient life!

Top 10 Alkaline forming Foods

  1. Watercress
  2. Parsley
  3. Wheatgrass
  4. Kelp
  5. Avacado
  6. Celery
  7. Melons of all kinds
  8. Papaya
  9. Pears
  10. Figs

Top 10 Acid Forming Foods

  1. Bleached white flour
  2. Sausage
  3. White Cane Sugar
  4. Soda/Pop
  5. Macaroni
  6. French Fries
  7. Custard
  8. Hamburger Beef  (Does not include grass fed beef)
  9. Black Tea
  10. Refined Cereals


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  1. You have all the basic information on here. It makes the alkaline diet easy to understand. I started a new site

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