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Since 2002 actress and model Lauren Hutton has been producing an organic cosmetics line that is tough to beat – Lauren Hutton Face

Lauren Hutton has taken her past experience and knowledge of makeup to make her own brand of makeup.  With Face you can treat your skin to healthy beauty- without breaking the bank!

Lauren Hutton Aqua Elements Breathable Collection
– makeup that brings oxygen to your skin through LYCD, anti-aging benefits through French imported minerals and much needed moisture through water-infused silica.
You can put your best face forward with Lauren Hutton’s Face Discs. The NEW Tortoise Shell designed disc with matching color coded brushes is good quality and user friendly.

This all inclusive collection has been ‘star items’ and the line includes the gamut of every well stocked make up arsenal from concealer and eyeliner to blush and lip balm.

So, where’s the green? The ‘green’ lies in the lack of synthetic products used as preservatives.  These products are made of good green stuff so that they apply smoothly and evenly- without parabens.  Hutton’s line uses sweet honeysuckle extract instead of parabens.

About that ‘tortoise shell’ casing she said,  “I wanted to make it out of corn, but Bobby [Kennedy] told me it causes even more waste to process the corn!”.

Her line is a impressive 95% natural- the other 5% being the plastic casing.

This is super good make-up ladies!  Try it.

Review written by Cathleen Carr for Natural Medicine Ink © 2009

Lauren Hutton Face Disc Deluxe

Buy the Deluxe package for the best value

Buy the Deluxe package for the best value


3 thoughts on “Natural Make Up Best Organic Cosmetics

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