Cathleen V. Carr: My Life’s Culinary Journey…

Cooking  Resume/Bio

My life’s culinary journey…

I am a cook who is also a voracious reader and general book collector. I have many cookbooks that I purchased over the years; cookbooks received as gifts from friends; and precious cookbooks left behind by distant and immediate ancestors.  There was a time when I happily possessed over 200 hardcover cookbooks, several shelves full of cooking magazines, and less well packaged collections of recipes.

It seems that I was born with a fascination with rocks and herbs, and indeed, I have a large collection of these books, too!  Those two passions led me to get a Masters degree in Metaphysical Science and to pursue a Doctorate degree in Bio-Energetic Medicine after I chose to shun the stressful and disillusioning practice of law.

My Great -Grand- Mother had been a professional baker and a renowned domestic cook.  My Mother was a self- taught creative cook who had traveled the east Coast in the 1940’s and 50’s selling cookware by giving live cooking demonstrations.  I do not believe she ever failed to satisfy and delight anyone who was lucky enough to taste her food.  My father would make a fantastic brunches on Sunday morning to give my mother a little time to herself or to enjoy company.  My parents loved to entertain and frequently hosted home cooked but lavish parties, dinners and barbeques

However, in my everyday hectic and tumultuous life, I was cooking the same foods and family recipes all the time. It just seemed the expedient thing to do. Nevertheless, I continued to buy and beg cookbooks to add to my collection for the love of learning and for the opportunities to gaze longingly at the photos that allowed me to fantasize about cooking with versatility, elegance and grace.  Yet, I still never seemed to find the time and space to get around to actually playing with and exploring these efficient, yet eloquent directions to gastronomic nirvana.

Cook in Front of the Stove.  Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

Cook in Front of the Stove. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

As it happens, about the time when my life finished transitioning from sandwiched single mother/caretaker mode to more leisurely empty nester, I had an opportunity to center myself and take a breath.  I then allowed myself to consider that it might be actual fun to start experimenting with the recipes stashed away on the shelves instead of just looking at them and daydreaming.

The experience of having taught both law and alternative medicine classes revealed to me my love for teaching and  sharing information with others and that has carried over into my passion for cooking.   My multi- ethnic background and world travels play a role in recipes and ingredients that capture my interest and influence my cooking style.

I recently was invited to write a review of a new diet book, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, by Dr. Michelle May, which is scheduled to debut this fall.  I write regularly for several web distribution portals and in my personal blog about cooking, herbs, diet and nutrition, natural medicine and green living.

I love everything about food!

I love everything about food!

Watching the inspiring personalities on the Food Network since its beginning in 1993 gave me courage to try new foods and techniques and I started selecting recipes from among those shelved cookbooks.  I  began my journey into gastronomic nirvana and have never given up the quest.


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