How to Naturally Avoid High Altitude Sickness

If your vacation plans involve high altitude hiking or up, up and away flying adventures you might wnat to take a few simple precautions to avoid the dreaded high altitute sickness that affects tens of thousnads of people avery year around the world.

What Causes High Altitude Sickness?

The low levels of oxygen in the higher altitudes force your body to work harder to maintain the level of oxygen it needs.

What Are High Altitude Symptoms Like?

For many people high altitude sickness symptoms are similar to a cold or flu.  Shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, appetite loss and insomnia are symptoms to watch out for when you first arrive at your high altitude destination.

What Precautions can be Taken to Avoid High Altitude Sickness?

  • Ease into your activity.  Only attempt to do half of your activities on the first day while your body is working to acclimate to higher altitude oxygen conditions.
  • Drink enough water each day so that your urine runs clear.  how much that will take depends on each persons body chemistry and diet.
  • Make sure you get enough calories.  Low cal diets at high altitudes can sabotoge our health.  A well nourished body can adjust o changes better than an under nourished one can.
  • Add being at high altitude to your lost of reasons why you should not smoke.


Physician and Sports Medicine 23.2:87


2 thoughts on “How to Naturally Avoid High Altitude Sickness

  1. Hi Dr. Carr,

    Are you a high altitude athlete?

    As a past Mountain Guide at high altitude these are sound guidelines. Additionally, strong focus on “proper” eating habits months in advance will support the gut thereby supporting the bodies ability to adapt. Having lived at 11,000 feet for 13yrs we witnessed all kinds of signs/symptoms….minerals and ample hydration go a long way!

    Cheers –


    • Dear Brad-
      No, I am not a high altitude athlete, but I have clients, friends and family members who are. Thank you for an informative contribution to the subject.
      Stay safe-
      Dr. CC

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