Gardening with Lemongrass

Gardening with Herb  Lemon grass

Gardening with Lemongrass is easy but be careful!

Gardening with Lemongrass is easy but be careful!

(Madagascar lemongrass)
Cymbopogon citratus

Lemongrass thrives with full sun having originated in a tropical climate.  It is a perennial plant although in places that experience freezing frost it will behave more like an annual and go dormant (or die) during a prolonged freeze or long, cold winter.

Beware: While lemongrass is easy to harvest at home  it is very invasive in a garden.  It will divide underground spreading  through its roots and grows rapidly.  We recommend cultivating it in a large pot. It is a beautifully decorative plant and displays well in a pot on a patio or beside a doorway or beneath a window where its fragrance can be more frequently appreciated and enjoyed during sultry summer months.

Start your own lemongrass grove buy purchasing a few stalks from a local grocer.  Lemongrass is easily found in Asian and Mexican food markets.

  • Purchase three to five mature stalks. They should be fresh, full at the bulb and moist. Try to select those with root buds still visible. Cut a few inches off the top of each stalk.  Peel  back the dry outer layers all the way to the crown of the bulb.
  • Place  stalks in a jar of room temperature water.  Keep the jar in a sunny window.  Be sure to check the water level  frequently so as to avoid dehydrating the roots.
  • In one to two weeks you will see roots.  When the roots are an inch long transfer the stalks to a pot filled with a sandy soil.  Insert stalk  and cover  with an inch of soil.
  • Keep the pot in a sunny place and remember to keep the soil moist.  Lemongrass grow quickly and will become a large cluster, so select a medium to large size pot.
  • Keep the pot of lemongrass away from cats since they love it and will “play” with it until it is dead.

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