Fulvic Acid is Humic Acid

Familiar to some as an all natural soil conditioner Humic acid serves to:

  • Add organic material containing humic acids to your soil which stimulates soil life.
  • Improved Solubility (76% soluble) to speed activity in the soil and enhance  nutrient uptake.
  • Naturally-occurring, unaltered oxidized lignite, crushed to 1-2 mm or -50 mesh particle size serves as a  supplemental source of trace elements.

Humic acids are composed of a complex mixture of partially decomposed organic materials and fulvic acid is one of several subclasses of humic acid.  All life processes require the presence of both hmic and fulvic acids. This is promarily why organic foods are stressed  for quality eating.

Fulvic acid is one of the most important materials you can take to insure excellent health allowing most users to reduce their dependence on so many additional nutritional supplements.  It serves to increase the effects of nutrients in food an increases the absorption of all nutritional supplements.

Fulvic acid provokes a powerful and diverse spectrum of immune system response.  It helps to regulate the immune system.  It stimulates the thymus glands ability to produce lymphocytes and activates the production of macrophages and killer T-cells.  It stimulates the production of granulocytes, cytokines (interferon, gamma, Alpha, beta) and tumor necrosis factor by acting as a natural immunomodulator.

It is believed that fulvic acids electrolytes are able to restore vitality in all life forms.  Fulvic acid is nature’s bridge between “lifeless” mineral elements and living organic matter.





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