How to Invest in Real Estate Today!

Investing in real estate successfully when markets are cooling takes different strategies than when real estate prices were going through the roof.

Here is some advice for investors:

  • • Go where land is scarce
  • . In some neighborhoods, land appreciates faster than others.
  • • Look for properties that have been on the market at least 90 days and offer at least 10 percent below the asking price.
  • • Invest for income, not capital gains.
  • • If you’re selling, be quick to adjust the price if offers are scarce.
  • • Do your own marketing, including telling your 50 closest neighbors that the house is for sale.

Picture of real estate 065

Our next article will discuss how to prepare your house for the inspection.

This piece is part of The Today Series©2009 by Cathleen V. Carr All rights Reserved


One thought on “How to Invest in Real Estate Today!

  1. Doing your own marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of selling a property.

    Selling a home is no different than running a business for a year! With average home prices over a quarter of a million dollars, the amount of money is equivalent to running a small business.

    Most small business owners are natural and enthusiatic marketers. Talk up your property to everyone. I recently blogged about a “mystery house” that was coming on the market and leaked the information to the chattiest lady at church! House sold in record time and for MORE than what the realtor suggested. You can read about it at

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