What is a Fair Trade Product?

Fair trade also fosters environmental stewardship, values traditional cultures, promotes democracy and educates consumers.

Cathleen V. Carr: My Life’s Culinary Journey…

Cathleen V. Carr’s culinary life’s journey…a brief cooking auto biography.

How to Naturally Avoid High Altitude Sickness

Some doctors will prescribe a drug called acetazolamide to prevent high altitude sickness. Side effects include increased urination and tingling or numbness in the toes and fingers and increased sensitivity to the suns rays. Not really what you want on a mile high hike or hot air balloon ride. Here are a few natural ways to maintain your health (and fun) at high altitude.

When to Detoxify for Optimum Health

Do you ever feel exhausted or stressed out for no good reason? You can waste your money going to the doctor’s office when you really do not need to.  You might be wasting your money and time if the doctor can not tell you why your head, back or stomach hurts all the time.  Sometimes […]

Cathleen V Carr Professional Career Summary

American Image Institute Cathleen Carr Patrolineal affiliation American Law Institute Cathleen V. Carr Patrolineal affiliation, remarkable volunteer record for public service.