My Attempt to Convert my non-Recycler Friend/Neighbor

On 05/28/09 7:03 AM, Lynn Johnson Hasselberger wrote:
Thought you might enjoy my recent blog entry: my attempt to convert my non-recycler friend/neighbor, which includes some recycling facts and resources.

Enjoy the day!

Lynn  Hasselberger is a member of my network on LinkedIn where I invest appreciable time attempting to meet intelligent, professional people to add to my intelligent, professional life.  Lynn is one of the ‘real deals’ I have found there.  The other day she sent a message containing a link to her worthwhile blog concerning her latest effort to bring yet another wayward  citizen into the eco-responsible recycling fold.

Out of respect for her work (and because she seems like a fairly nice gal) I clicked on the link…and found more than I  expected…

I wrote back to her saying,

Superbly well done, Lynn. I especially appreciated the multiple video inserts. It is as if you have provided a mini documentary on this important and timely subject.
Well done! And, congratulations on her conversion!!
Cathleen Carr, Editor
Natural Medicine Ink
Tell them you are listed in the best natural health directory!

because , you know, that’s how we professionals do things on LinkedIn.

She wrote back to me thusly, as presented by the network software…

Lynn Johnson Hasselberger has sent you a message.

Date: 5/29/2009

Subject: RE: Recent blog entry on recycling

Thanks for reading, Cathleen. It’s not 60 minutes, but is effective. Please share with others. I need all the exposure I can get 🙂

Enjoy your weekend. I am really enjoying blogging–spreading the word is truly my passion. The ecommerce side of it is just there to help people find the products they need to live an earth-friendlier lifestyle.


I am sharing this with you for three reasons, to wit,

1) To encourage you to check out her blog in general

2) To recommend that you watch her recycling conversion post and videos, and as she asked, to pass it along


3) To remind you to remember to recycle and to encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same



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