The Care and Cleansing of Therapeutic Gemstones

Gemstones need and deserve care to retain their vitality. As therapeutic gemstones help us release energetic impurities and blockages, some of these released energies cling to the surface of the gemstones. These disharmonious energies quickly build up on the surface of the gems, inhibiting their ability to work at peak capacity.

Regular cleansing clears these energies and restores the gemstones to their naturally vibrant state. Several minutes of care given regularly will keep therapeutic gemstones vital and ready to help us take our next step in growth and healing.

When using a therapeutic gemstone necklace regularly, cleanse it at least two to three times a week using one of the following methods: warm, salted water rinse or sunbath.

Store cleansed gemstones in a wooden drawer, covered container made of glass or other natural container, or silk jewelry roll or bag.

Handle all healing gemstones with care. Some are particularly fragile, such as Fluorite, Pearls,  Mother of Pearl, and Kunzite (which should NEVER be exposed to direct sunlight). They naturally break, scratch, and chip more easily than other gemstones. Pearls are notoriously fragile and should be protected from hairspray and cologne.

A faculty advisor at American Eastern Institute suggested that one should avoid storing gemstones near strong electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by televisions and computers, which can disrupt the gemstones’ energies.

Avoid exposing gemstones to x-rays, such as at the dentist, in a hospital, or at an airport security station. X-rays will be absorbed by the gemstones and released later into the user’s aura.

Avoid wearing gemstones in chlorinated swimming pools or hot tubs. Chlorine weakens natural-fiber thread and adversely affects the surface of certain gems.

Avoid smoking and wearing synthetic perfume when wearing therapeutic gemstones, especially porous stones. The fumes can interfere with the free flow of a gemstone’s energy.


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