Barley Grass is a Green Super Food!

Barley Grass is rich in calcium, iron all the essential amino acids, B12, vitamin C, a full compliment of minerals, plus enzymes.  By itself, it has helped people overcome a wide range of stomach and colon disorders.

Barley and Wheat Grass are abundant sources of super oxide dismutase (SOD).  SOD is a powerful antioxident and anti-aging enzyme.  SOD is a proven anti-inflammatory for arthritis, edema, gout, and bursitis. The body needs plenty of vitamin C and copper to make this natural antioxidant work, so be sure to get enough of these substances in your diet as well.

Barley Grass makes a super food elixir you can rely on to start your day in top form.  It can help you jump start your energy between meals and end your day on a positively alkalizing note (for sweeter dreams).  Even while you sleep while Barley Grass courses through your system it will help stimulate enzyme production, improve digestion, overcome constipation, detoxify your blood, cleanse your liver of metabolic waste, eliminate acid waste from the blood, improve circulation through hemoglobin production, promote immune stimulation and defense, and avoid cell damage in the colon.

Hundreds of private and government studies have shown what Barley Grass can do.

The increased consumption of green leafy vegetables can reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease, and lead to fewer health problems across the board, both for men and women.  Even in a concentrated source Barley Grass can be a good friend to your physical body.


Super Oxide Dismutase


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