What is and How to Make Bouquet Garni

There are incredibly aromatic and inexpensive pre-made French bouquet garni, containing oregano, thyme, bay leaves. and more. If you make stews, soups, or roasts with any regularity at all, this is something you might like to have on hand.


Spiritual Ayurveda

Veda explains the soul, or the atma as the life giving force.

Vedic Teachings in Practice

Suzy, my last patient on New Year’s Eve gave me a hug, and a smile through her tears as she left. In her fist she clutched my email address, which she said would be her anchor in times of ‘need’.  She had resigned herself to sailing away from the British Isles working once more in […]

Take Action for Cancer Prevention

The WCRF/AICR, which has previously published cancer prevention tips for individuals, stresses that cancer prevention means trimming the odds of developing cancer, not totally eliminating cancer.