Recovery Ten Point Plan

Short Ten Point Plan to Guide Us Down the Road to Recovery, Reorganization, Peace and Prosperity…Please share this post with everyone you can.

1) Replace the giant corporations with small and medium sized business and non-profit organizations.

2) Break up the banking system and bring back local savings and loans.

3) Reject the lie that nutritious food can be artificial.

4) Let go of the false need for ‘benefits’.

5) Take 1 hour from TV viewing and spend it on your spiritual health.

6) Get big business out of medicine.

7) Review and reject most legislation imposed at the state and local level for the last 40 years.

8) Reject fear and fear based tactics.

9) Feds must match every dollar earmarked for military and corporate ‘support’ for public and private education and research at the primary and secondary level.

10) Rediscover platonic friendship and practice good neighbor behavior everyday – everywhere.

Please send your thoughtful suggestions and constructive comments. Please support your local peace and prosperity efforts.

Please share this post with everyone you can.


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