Hot Stone Massage Advanced Tips and Tricks

We who are in the know are aware that a good hot stone massage melts away tension, assists in release of toxins and can complement other body work modalities.  Did you know that these sessions are great opportunities to (with permission and cooperation) help facilitate spiritual therapies, too?

Here are some quick tips for advanced massage therapists for empowering yourself  and your client while soothing their nerves…

* Use a piece of petrified wood placed at the root chakra to assist with connecting the the tangible world of nature while processing thoughts of how to help correct imbalances in and on the planet as well within self.

*  Place a piece of Rhondonite at the throat chakra to assist with speaking passionately about what you are passionate about.

*  Place soothing small stones in a floral pattern in a forehead to assist in opening the third eye for enhanced psychic ability.

* Small polished marble stones chilled prior to use will give the most stimulating facial you’ve ever given without working up a sweat!

* Always remember to oil both the stones (basic black  basalt rocks) AND the skin prior to massing with the rocks.  You can skip the oiling of gemstones when used solely for placement, but be sure to clean them of oils after use.


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