Preace and Prosperity March 2010 Local, Statewide and National

I warned all my friends that the economy would tank back in 2000.  The worst has not come upon us yet, either folks.

Running out of money?  Worried sick about the increasingly persistent lack of it?  There are a couple of things you can do to help improve your situation.

1) Get trained in a future ecomomy oriented career.  Green technology, alternative medicine, teaching, music and art, etc.

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Entry for April 19, 2008
Mrs. Clinton thinks people who don’t have health insurance are irresponsible and should be punished if they need medical care and cannot afford it.  Apparently she has never been poor nor does she know any poor people.

John McCain thinks it is okay to be in Iraq -even if it takes 100 years, and costs hundreds of  trillions of your and my dollars—He and his cronies wear their shirts, vests and jackets so as to appear at a glance to be dressed as protestant clergymen…in a cult.

Very scary.  Hmmmm.

I’m too depressed to write anymore on this sad, sorry subject… other than to say, what the hell is wrong with a large portion of the American voting population that they can’t see these “people”  for what they really represent?  Are that many of us really as stupid as that?

Apparently so.
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Entry for February 15, 2008
We know that change needs to happen, but first changes have to be made internally; you can’t radically say we need a health care plan withour first changing why people are not getting the proper nutrition in the first place;  poor soil, genetic alterations, foreign sugstances in food that you cannot even pronounce… we have caused epidemics with diabetes and obesity because peoples’ bodies are not functioning properly.  We must start form the ground up globally  in our personal lives.
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Hey GUYS we need you!

Someone in this county just needs to get everyone together in their community and protest— or our government and the corporations which own it will continue to chip away at our rights and liberties.

That someone could be you.

Unless you want to become a slave, along with your children, grand and great grandchildren too, you guys better wake up, turn off the sports channel for a little while, take a little time off from the boobs bar, put down the beer for a couple of nights and be the kind of men that we can respect once again.

The reason I am targeting men is that the vast majority of  women are taking care of you and your children, a job and a home, elders and…woman simply cannot do everything.

If you want women and your children to love, respect and honor you…well, you are going to have to be honorable.

How?  One sure way to obtain honor is to do something for the greater good.


Be the leader or the active supporter of something that matters like…

Help take your country back!

We need whoever among you has the courage and dynamism to organize or help organize a local peace and prosperity march anywhere in the USA.

These marches need to happen ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Why?

Local , county , state and national elected officials need to understand that they are in positions of power to serve and protect us… and we mean it.

You will see and obtain your reward for doing this.  Over time as more people develope a renewed interest in and respect for their government  a new and better America will spring forth.


Get corporate and private money out of politics!

Here’s how to achieve this goal…

it’s easy…

One pot of funds exists from which any and all candidate for any elected public office in the united States of America is given money to run their campaign.

That money comes from our tax dollars.

All candidates for the same office or level of office will get the same amount of money.

No other private or corporate donations can legally be received or expended…not even personal funds.

This levels the playing field and keeps folks honest, and accountable to no one except the people who elect them. Since we individuals pay in much more money than the corporations we will no longer have our countries policies dominated by selfish corporate interests.

This is what the peace and prosperity march is all about…

Get corporate and private money out of politics!

You see, if we can get people into office who are accountable to us they will better serve our best interest. They will have to. Otherwise it will be very simple to get rid of them because people with little to no money or access to wealthy backers can finally get into office because they wish to serve the people without being beholden to a private interest.

You’ll see. Renewed hope will burst forth after significant sweeping change is brought forth by the peace and prosperity marches of 2010 and we get the corporate and private money out of politics!

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Blogging For The Great Peace and Prosperity March of 2010
Those of you who know me surely realize that this must be one heck of an important event to get my attention away from beading and my family. My work with American Eastern Institute and my relationship with Faith Grace  and UCLICT have served as an impetous to get me involved with this movement. My initial reluctance to get in on the ground floor of this nationwide event (yes, I was intimidated) was alleviated by my sudden remembrance of those two timeless questions, “If not now, when?” and “If not me, who?”

Veteran’s Day seemed like an appropriate holiday to launch this blog. My dear big brother, Michael Kenneth King, served in the Viet Nam war. He was awarded two Bronze Stars having served as a LRRP in the army.

Michael was a walking encyclopedia, funny, kind and very handsome. He had been shot in the head while overseas and could not have the shrapnel removed, as a result, he suffered from persistent excruciating headaches. Despite that misery he came home to Ohio, earned two post graduate degrees and lived an active life. He died at 51 in 1998 from cancerous lung tumors compliments of Agent Orange. This blog is dedicated to him. He was an excellent big brother and a swell fellow all around.  May {}od rest his soul.

So, why is it that war always gets connected to peace and prosperity? I don’t know beyond the obvious answers. What do you think?

Hopefully, our collective future will be filled with peace and prosperity and only memories of war.

The Peace and Prosperity March of 2010 is all about recognizing alternatives to war and economic stress- peace and prosperity- especially for (1) those who make up what’s left of the middle class and (2) those who have become a part of the over/under/mis/educated poor who desire to replenish the ranks of the middle class in America. All races, faiths, ethnic groups, ages and sexes are those who need to be involved in this movement. There is a lot more to the Peace and Prosperity  March of 2010 than I will outline now… I have to keep you coming back some how, right?

I hope you will keep up with our posts about the Peace and Prosperity March of 2010 through this blog- add theRSS feed to your own site, and be certain to spread the word about this unique and most timely of nationwide events!

I’ll keep you posted on what’s new with the development of this great event. Please take a moment and consider how you might be able to take part. Links will be provided to take you to more information when it becomes available. If you have a question or comment you would like to have considered for posting to this blog send it to me at

This is for Micheal.  Rest in peace.

Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity!



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