Five Point National Green Health Policy Plan

A 5 point plan for a national Green Health Policy we can live with:

1. Support for an individual’s right to be informed of and to choose from a range of natural alternative treatment modalities when appropriate.

2. A wide range of conventional and proven complementary therapies should be accessible and affordable under any and every health system.

3. Improve access, according to need, to community and allied health service such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, podiatry, occupational therapy, counseling, complementary therapies, naturopathy and midwifery.

4. Improve co-ordination and integration between health services, including hospitals, post-hospital services, allied health care providers and complementary therapists.

5. Recognize that social, political, environmental and economic factors are the most significant determinants of health.

Sponsored by American Eastern Institute Natural Health College


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