Emergency Survival Natural Medicine Kit

What can you do when the options are limited?

Some of the best homeopathic remedies that you should have as part of your survival medicine kit are colloidal silver and several essential oils.

Colloidal silver can be made using rechargeable 9V batteries and distilled water and is an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral. Use colloidal silver as a topical treatment only.  Do not ingest it, ideally.

Essential oils to include in your first aid kit are:  lavender for sinus irritation,skin  itches or stress relief; eucalyptus for congestion (inhaled or topically applied over your sinus region and lungs, not ingested); peppermint (diluted if you ingest it alone) for stomach upsets and applied directly to the sting for bites, another virtue of peppermint essential oil is that it can discourage bees and fleas with its repellant properties.


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