Americans Need a Greener Health Policy

Some of you know that if  you read the Greens Health Policy you’ll see many references to “complementary treatment modalities” or “complementary therapies”.

We believe that any effective health system must be underpinned by responsible research into conventional medicine as well as integrative and complementary alternative health treatment modalities.

We Greens are leading the fight for the rich, poor, sick, elderly, and those who simply wish to achieve or maintain wellness by endorsing alternative treatments in some instances which are much less painful and expensive, and in some instances less harmful or deadly, than might otherwise be the case.

Given a choice between  well reasoned, tested and researched treatments for many dis-eased conditions, wouldn’t you rather get a less costly treatment that won’t make you blind, sterile or destroy your liver than otherwise?  And shouldn’t your already expensive health insurance cover that treatment?

“Complementary Medicine” and “Integrative Medicine” means “Use of Alternative Medicine”.

According to the British Institute of Complementary Medicine, the following comprise “Complementary Medicine” and would be considered legitimate health techniques by Greens:

* Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chinese Herbs, Feng Shui, Chinese Arts and Exercise, Chi Gong and Modern Acupuncture, Color Therapy – Chromotology and Color Healing, Bio-energy, Rebirthing, Polarity Therapy, Electro-Crystal Therapy, Conscious Breathing, Bio-energetic Healing Therapies such as Crystal therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Metaphysical Counseling, Reiki,

Iridology, Phytotherapy – Herbal Medicine (Western and Chinese), Bach Flower Remedies and Flower Essences, Indian Medicine – Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Head Massage

National Green Health Policy:

1. Support for an individual’s right to be informed of and to choose from a range of natural alternative treatment modalities when appropriate.

2. A wide range of conventional and proven complementary therapies should be accessible and affordable under any and every health system.

3. Improve access, according to need, to community and allied health service such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, podiatry, occupational therapy, counseling, complementary therapies, naturopathy and midwifery.

4. Improve co-ordination and integration between health services, including hospitals, post-hospital services, allied health care providers and complementary therapists.

5. Recognize that social, political, environmental and economic factors are the most significant determinants of health.

You know the drill America.  Call and write and email your (probably sold out) Congress person or Senator, Mayor, Govenor, etc., and tell them what you NEED and insist that they get it done!


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