How to Clean a Healing Gemstone or Crystal

There are four recommended cleansing methods for gemstones and crystals that everyone can use.

Any of the four methods described below can cleanse therapeutic gems of disharmonious energies they  collect during use. For certain gemstones, some methods are contra indicated and these special considerations are noted.

The most popular cleansing method is the basic water rinse.
Rinsing gemstones in alternating hot and cold running water gently shocks the gems into releasing their accumulated energies and then washes these energies away.

Hold the entire necklace under hot running tap water for about 5 to 10 seconds and then immediately switch to cold running water for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat this process three to five times. To ensure that the hot water doesn’t become too hot, which can cause some gems to crack, test the temperature with your fingers. If the water is too hot for your fingers, it may be too hot for the gems. If you are going to wear the necklace immediately after cleansing it, end the rinse with hot water; otherwise, end with cold water. Rinsing two to three times a week (or more often if you use gemstones on clients).

After rinsing, pat the gems dry with a soft cloth or towel. If your gemstones are strung on thread lay the necklace or strand flat for at least several hours to allow the thread to dry completely. Putting a wet necklace around your neck can stretch and weaken the thread.

Keep in mind that rinsing with hard water will dull the polish of Rhodochrosite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Sodalight, Indigo, natural or cultured Pearls and Mother of Pearl. Therefore, use other cleansing methods for these gems, like distilled water or an ultra light mineral oil rub.  Gently rub in the oil with a super soft cloth until it is all absorbed by the cloth.  Do this every three to four weeks. For gemstones that tolerate deeper cleaning, occasionally use a tiny amount of mild, natural soap or baking soda to remove body oils from the surface of the gems.
Sea salt absorbs the disharmonious energies that accumulate on the surface of therapeutic gems. Before going to sleep for the night, lay the gemstones in a dish or bowl of sea salt, directly on the salt. If possible, place the dish within three feet of your bed to maintain the gems’ energetic connection with your aura. Replace the salt about every two weeks.  A salt bath can be used two to three times a week, or more often as needed.

Plants generate a living energy field that can absorb and transform the disharmonious energies we release. At the end of the day, wrap the gemstone necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant, or lay the necklace in its branches. If possible, place the plant within three feet of your bed to maintain the gems’ energetic connection with your aura. During the night, the gemstones will be gently cleared of any accumulated energies. For a deeper cleansing and rejuvenation, place the gemstones outside underneath or in the branches of a shrub or tree for several days.  Do this two to three times a week, or more often as needed.

Every one to two weeks, or more often as needed you will find that sunlight provides the deepest cleansing of any in-home method. Sunshine clears, energizes, and revitalizes therapeutic gems. Unless the gems are water sensitive, first rinse them in hot and cold running water as described above. Then lay the gems in direct sunlight for up to one hour. Ideally, expose the gems to the sun directly (never place kunzite in direct sunlight, it will fade), rather than through a glass windowpane. If possible, lay the gems on the earth, grass (preferably untreated), or branches of a plant. On a cloudy day, gems can be left in the sun for two to three hours. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, since this has a negative effect similar to that of sunburn on human beings.

For an especially deep and refreshing cleansing, you can use natural streaming water with any gemstone for which a water rinse is appropriate. You can provide a gemstone necklace with a powerful cleansing and rejuvenation by holding or placing it in a natural stream or creek or in gentle ocean waves lapping onto the shore. Keep the gems in the water for up to 20 minutes. Be sure to secure the gems adequately, so you don’t lose them in the moving water.

A rain bath
is an ancient cleansing technique that is making a come back.  Place gems or crystals in the grass during a rainfall for several hours or overnight.  This will thoroughly cleanse and refresh them ( if your local air quality is not poor).

To cleanse a combination necklace, a necklace or strand of multiple types of crystals and or gems, consider the care and cleansing instructions for each gemstone in the necklace, and then use the instructions for the gemstone with the most restrictive needs. All stones and crystals can be cleansed using the Salt Bed and Plant Rejuvenation techniques.

Contemporary air travel with therapeutic gemstones can be much trickier now than pre 9/11. New airport security rules and regulations require that all checked and carry-on bags be inspected by X-ray. When traveling with your gemstones, we recommend that you wear them as you walk through the metal detector or have them hand-inspected at the security station, but if any one else touches them you will have to cleanse and clear them afterwards.

Anyone 16 years of age or older can learn more about gemstones, crystals and energy medicine or start work on getting a quality certificate or degree at American Eastern Institute or The International New Thought Metaphysics Seminary.


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