Stone Magic, Myth and Mystery…Continuing Series…

From time immemorial, Gemstones have been used by all cultures of the world. Their inherent beauty is second to no other material in the mineral kingdom. The word Gem itself, used in any context, denotes a superiority and indicates exquisiteness.

There are three kingdoms, as we know them—the Animal kingdom, the Plant kingdom and the Mineral kingdom; each has its own living power in existence. The mineral kingdom is the body of the earth, and all growth stems from it. The stones that we term as precious, are nurtured in its womb – sacred process – for centuries, before they are pried away to satisfy human need.

These stones are manifestations of life and light, colors, textures, vibrancy, transparency … and each one of them has, sealed within itself, a small piece of the earth’s secret … its magic, mystic and mystery. Believed to be created from the elements of the earth and cosmic influences, the human connection to the mineral and plant kingdoms cannot be denied.

The series will continue…check back…


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