Gemstone ‘Radience’

“Science is built on reason; reason alone deals with externals. But wisdom involves the inner heart” (Unknown Author)

Modern Science recognizes the value of gems for their technological uses, such as the use of crystals in watches, computers and lasers. However, the subtle uses to cure disease, balance human emotions and infuse other valuable potencies to the wearer or carrier, are looked at with unwarranted skepticism.

Though science may explain the chemical structures of stones, it is as yet, unable to fully explain their power. Sometimes, as one author says, it is a matter of a greater consciousness or perspective, and sometimes acceptance of their power through individual experience. There are certain basic laws of the universe that are to be utilized, recognized and respected. The use of gems for many purposes—one of them being healing—have been chronicled since ancient times, in various cultures of the world, and therefore, their contribution to healing needs to be explored.

Let’s talk about just a few of the gemstones I have been working with lately and their ability to give and receive life’s ‘radient’ metaphysical gifts:

* RUBY - Help us learn needed lessons in divine love,

how to come from the heart, and how to find the courage to give


Rubies are both beautiful and full of powerful energy.

Rubies are both beautiful and full of powerful energy.

* Lapis Lazuli - Stirs memories of the infinite source of life

within, from where true giving is possible. By harmonizing your heart

and mind, Lapis also helps you give wisely.

Lapis is so venerated it has been used here for a beautiful background.

* AMETHYST - Help you let go of attachments around

wealth and power and open to the truer meanings of money as energy. In

this newfound wisdom, you can learn the secrets of giving and

receiving freely.

Golly! This is a big sample of amethyst!

When I hold these gems during meditation and focus on their respective qualities my meditations are enriched along those topical lines.

How about your experiences?  Tell me about how you use gemstones for healing and meditation.

I’ll write later about many other stones and crystals that can enhance the etheric body of the living soul.

Would you like to learn more about crystal and gemstone healing theory and techniques?  Consider getting
educated through American Eastern Institute via their accredited distance learning program.


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