Vain Benefits of Being a ‘Health Nut’

First, allow me to say how much I enjoy writing this blog and second, a hearty congratulations on your much deserved Blue Ribbon Web award, American Eastern Institute! Many of the natural and alternative health community appreciate your ability to research, write and present useful natural and alternative health care information for others to study and share, both personally and professionally.

Some of my readers might know that I was raised by a ‘health nut’ mom and that I have tried to be one, too. The benefits of setting a good example for my family have really paid off. I’m almost 50 now and still get mistaken for early 30’s, (mid 30’s when my teenager is around!) More importantly, I feel good-much better than almost all of my friends of any age.

I thought you might like to know that there is a school that accepts kids as young as 16 to teach about health and nutrition and to prepare them for careers in this and related natural health areas. If you ‘d like more information about this school, American Eastern Institute let me know.

As always, please start or keep sending articles, reports, news and blog posts about nutrition and natural, wholistic, and alternative health care!


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