Alternative Healthcare is Finally Mainstream

Despite the selfishness and (sometimes) reasonable fears of established western alopathic medicine and their vanguard most Americans now are open, to and increasingly demand, at least information and referrals regarding alternative, non-evasive health care treatments. This is especially true when non-emergency circumstances are involved. I am always relieved when the divine arc of justice puts […]

Conventional vs. Alternative Medical School Programs

What is the difference between a conventional medical school and an alternative health school? As an alternative health school, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine educates students to become Naturopathic physicians. The degree of Naturopathic Physician (ND) is earned after graduating from our four-year post-graduate alternative medical school program and passing national board exams. Though our […]

American Eastern Institute Alternative Health Education and Training AmericanEasternInstitute American Alternative Health Distance Learning Integrative Health Care solutions and professional training through American Eastern Institute Sign Up Now! CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd If you’ve ever thought about becoming a natural healthcare practitioner, then you may wish to review some of the many alternative health schools, which […]

Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Links

Find good information and worthwhile resources through this link directory compliments of the and